Customer Reviews

  1. Zac Mercauto says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob is the best. He works with my mom who is in real estate in the Mount Washington Valley Area of New Hampshire. He is the best by far and hands down if you would like a good home inspection he is the one you can call. I know many people who buy a home and go to Bob for their home inspection needs even if he is in the Lakes Region Area of New Hampshire he will go the extra mile to the Mount Washington Valley. People go to him because he does the best job. Thank you Bob for your continued work you do and please use Scenic Home Inspections for all your home inspection needs!

  2. Glenn and Laura Brilla says:

    We recently had a home inspection with Scenic Home Inspections. This is the second home we were seriously interested in, and used Scenic Home again because we were so happy with our previous inspection details. The report from Scenic Homes is clear, easy to read, thorough, and is available quickly after the actual inspection. I would highly recommend this company.

  3. Linda Brady says:

    Bob McWhirter is an excellent inspector. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, meticulous and great at explaining things simply in a way you get the message clearly, and listening to our concerns. The thermal heat review is a great added feature for checking heat and insulation. I truly appreciate your work, Bob! The customer service is excellent and the reports with pictures are fabulous! I would definitely recommend Bob and Scenic Home Inspections! Thank you.
    Linda and Paul

  4. Ken Chapman says:

    Bob did a thorough job, explained everything, bent over backwards to fit in with our tight schedule, gave us his written report promptly, and also took care of scheduling the septic inspection. Would certainly recommend him most highly.

  5. Stacie Hevener says:

    Bob was amazing! My daughter and I hoped to purchase a cottage and while had seen some issues we knew needed some work, we missed a lot that Bob pointed out. My daughter attended the inspection and Bob made sure to explain everything to her. He was very personable, extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable- she felt comfortable with him immediately. As we were under a time crunch, Bob worked to the wee hours preparing our report ( I woke at 5 am to see that he sent it at 1:30 am). I couldn’t believe how quickly he had gotten it to us. The report itself was very detailed, easy to understand, and provided pictures and recommendations. I truly cannot say enough. If you need an inspection- look no further!

  6. Paul Farrell says:

    The home inspection was complete, thorough
    , and done in a professional manor. I was present, and the inspector took the time to not only show me what the problems were, but explained whatever I asked him. I was very satisfied with the complete process and would recommend this company to anyone needing this service.

  7. Kristopher Lowe says:

    Bob and his team did a wonderful job on our new home! He was thorough and insightful! Answered all our questions and really enjoyed his line of work! He met us right after a major storm and got the job done! Bob was so easy to reach and so professional. We got our inspection report quickly and boy was it detailed. I highly recommend Bob and his team!

  8. Vicki J Francis says:

    I have to say that we are very pleased with the inspection done on our home. Bob was very knowledgeable and readily available to answer any questions we had. The inspection was very thorough and well presented. He was extremely personable. We felt like we had a friend working with us. This was a comforting because we were out of state buyers. We couldn’t be more pleased.

  9. Nicole K. says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob was excellent to work with. He let us walk with him through the inspection, and explained everything as he went. He answered all of our questions and gave great suggestions. Bob made sure to look at every possible issue, and wrote a thorough report. He made everything easy to understand and gave us all the information needed to make a sound decision. I strongly recommend Scenic Home Inspection!

  10. Ryan says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob was great. Approachable and friendly, he provided a huge amount of information about the home.

    He was also very knowledgeable and pointed out a number of things that we would have missed. When a few more concerning issues with the home were found, Bob was very forthright right away. He was cooperative with the sellers agent, and I think was key in us making our point during the repair negotiations with the seller.

    Bob also offered to come back and inspect any repairs we had decided to make, which was a great bonus.

    A thorough inspection is an important and expensive part of purchasing a home, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bob and Scenic Home Inspections.

  11. Courtney Clark says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob inspected 3 different homes for me before one finally stuck. He has been incredibly helpful to me as a first time home buyer.

    The first time, he found a major problem within 30 minutes and offered an abbreviated inspection and provided me with a report promptly that gave me enough information to back out of a house. At this inspection, my father, uncle and aunt were present who had various trade experience and they all immediately trusted Bob’s level of expertise and detail. During the second inspection, the other part of the inspection failed and he was more than reasonable with pricing.

    For our final inspection, Bob continued to go above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with the home inspection process. My entire family and my real estate agent have all been very impressed by his detail, honesty and clear desire to provide the best possible service to his customers. Bob took the time to explain with me in person what each concern meant. His report was done quickly and was user friendly to a lay person. Bob also offered to go back to the home after the details were worked out between both myself and the seller to ensure that the work appeared to be well done. His rates were more than reasonable, and I have already recommended him to those in the area as has my real estate agent. You won’t be disappointed with Bob and Scenic Home Inspections on your team. Thank you!

  12. Laura Brilla says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    We hired Scenic Home Inspectors for a home in New Durham. We live out of state and were unable to be at the inspection. It had snowed that day, and our realtor said he was on time and did a thorough job. The report was detailed with photos and notes – it was a great tool in making our decision. I would not hesitate to recommend or use this company again.

  13. Mike Klesh says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    We have worked with Bob and Scenic Home inspections twice in the last few years. Each time Bob has done a thorough job in checking all aspects of the inspections. I was able to be on site both times and was able to ask questions about the properties. The documentation of the properties was concise and we received our reports very quickly. We will definitely work with Bob again on our next piece of property and I would recommend Bob and Senic Home Inspections to anyone who wants an honest and thorough home inspection done.

  14. Linda Olson says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    This is the second time I have used Bob to do an inspection and all I can say is that Bob did an outstanding job. He check every inch of the properties and let me tag along explaining everything and letting me ask any questions in understandable terms. He was patient and took time to answer all my concerns and questions. His friendly and professional manner put me at ease from the moment I met him and both times I knew I was in good hands. I received the reports the next day and they were thorough and complete. Bob is definitely the guy to get the job done and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a reliable, accurate and professional inspection. Thank you Bob!

  15. Andrew Brousseau says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    First let me start off by saying Bob is an awesome guy to work with and learn from! He made the whole process and stress of buying a home seem simple! He is the man with the right tools and knowledge to get the job done efficiently, trusting time management and key things to look out for throughout the whole process. Also, Kent septic services did a great job explaining and inspecting as a team with scenic home inspections! Only thing i could of asked for was a video copy of the septic inspections and i wish bob could of offered the chimney inspection as well as tested all appliances that came with the house. (Those things didn’t stop me from using this company and i would use them again if i bought another home) Thank you Scenic Home Inspections!

  16. kevin mcguire says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Dan and the Scenic Home Inspection office staff were awesome. From the start you knew Dan was a home purchaser’s dream come true. He took the time to not only perform a through inspection of the property he explained everything to you and encouraged you to ask a million questions,

    If you are purchasing a home and have little or no “handyman” capabilities Scenic Home Inspection is the company to hire.

    Every review on this page is correct, Dan truly gives you a top notch inspection geared toward the purchaser.

    Thank you so much

  17. John Burger says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    We are in the process of buying a seasonal camp and Scenic Home Inspections was on the list recommended by our agent. I am glad to say I chose Scenic mainly due to the previous reviewers! Bob is a very professional guy who REALLY demonstrated that he was interested in doing a thorough job for us. He immediately came across as a friendly and knowledgeable professional. I followed him around for most of the inspection and he commented on many small details as he was doing his job. We received the inspection report the next day (Saturday), and when I asked a follow-up question Bob responded within a couple of minutes. Getting that kind of quick attention was great, even more impressive that it was on a Saturday morning. I would definitely recommend Bob to anyone looking to have a thorough home inspection done!

  18. Nick K says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob was able to squeeze us in on short notice. Even though it was new construction, Bob was thorough like he would inspect any other home. He made sure we understood everything, every step of the way. I would 100% recommend him to friends/family.

  19. Todd W. says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob and the rest of the Scenic team were a pleasure to do business with! Bob’s inspection was thorough and he took the time to explain any concerns he had throughout the inspection. The final report included a tremendous amount of detail. Bob also went above and beyond and took the initiative to resolve a septic inspection issue we had encountered. If you are looking for a through, friendly and fair home inspector in NH then Bob at Scenic is the place to go!

  20. Steve Sullivam says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    I would highly recommend Bob and his company. He was extremely thorough and did an excellent job. He was on time , actually early , and was just an amazing guy. You can’t go wrong with Bob.
    His office is equally as qualified. I called a couple times with questions and they helped me both times. Very professional. Great all around service from start to finish.

  21. DavidD says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    I called Bob on short notice to inspect a condo in NH. Coming from out of state I wanted to do the inspection on a weekend and Bob graciously accommodated a Sunday morning timeslot. He was thorough and informative throughout and took great care to provide me information as he went along, despite being given a tight timeframe by the seller’s agent. The thermal imaging was very effective at spotting gaps in insulation or defective heat elements. With Bob’s help and detailed report, we can proceed with our purchase with confidence!

  22. Linda O'Connor/Edward Allen says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    We would like to express a sincere Thank You to Bob and Darlene for the phenomenal service which they provided. We are not NH residents, but we called Bob on short notice to perform a home inspection and we were greeted by one of the friendliest people whom we had ever spoken to. The greeting in person was even more friendly. Bob performed a thorough inpection of the home, leaving no stone unturned. He explained in very simple terms all the aspects of the inspection and showed us various things about the home. We found him to be very trustworthy, sincere and engaging. We had driven to NH for the day on a Sat. afternoon for the inspection. Bob had the report in our email by 7:00am on Sunday morning. Darelene promptly sent an invoice and they both mentioned that if we had any questions, just call them. Bob and Darlene were an absolute pleasure with whom to deal. Bob was very kind to our children, engaging them in conversation and going out of his way to make them feel part of the experience. Thank you for being so proefessional, friendly and excllent at what you do. You have earned all the excellent reviews which you have received.

  23. Linda Conroy says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    We recently began the process of buying a lake house and needed a home inspection immediately. Bob responded to my request quickly and was available to perform a complete and thorough inspection when we needed it done. Bob’s report was comprehensive and complete and revealed some concerns for us to pursue. He was also helpful in providing us with the right people to contact to help with the concerns uncovered during the inspection. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone who needs a home inspection!

  24. Bob Locke says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Outstanding inspection. Completely professional. Bob was very thorough in his inspection. He also noted a few minor discrepancies that had no impact on the home, but brought them to my attention as items to be addressed at a later date. Bob encouraged me to ask questions throughout the entire inspection process and was able to answer those questions to my satisfaction.

  25. Zack Chase says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob McWhirter literally sets the bar on home inspections! He goes above and beyond what anyone else in this industry does. From the first moment you meet him you understand that he is an honest straight shooter who very clearly has your (the buyer’s) best interest in mind. I have used Bob twice now and will use him for as long as he’s willing to provide his services.

    I will continue to refer him to anyone in the market for a home. You literally cannot go wrong with Bob McWhirter

  26. Frank Zappala says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    I am so grateful for Bob, having hired him for a second inspection after his first inspection revealed house conditions I would have been unprepared to deal with. I like that Bob allowed me to accompany him throughout the home inspection and explained everything as we went along. A detailed inspection report from a personable guy, and I look forward to utilizing his thermal imaging service when the weather cools.

  27. Drew Vaillancourt says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob was very thorough, delivered a great report with lots of advice on how to remedy issues with the home.

  28. Gary & Martha Gagnon says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    My wife and I purchased our first lake home. We wanted to make sure the inspection was done properly and thoroughly so we wouldn’t find any large hidden costs later on. We chose Bob because of his past reviews and couldn’t have been more pleased when Bob completed the inspection. He was thoughtful and informative the entire time on site and it didn’t bother him that I was following him around all the time he was there. We are extremely pleased with Bob’s inspection as it provides us a list of items we can consider during the purchase.

  29. Andrea Mailloux says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    It was a delight working with Bob. He is thorough at his approach! Communication throughout the inspection was clear and precise. The report I received was easy to understand and had numerous pictures to aid in clarification. I definitely would recommend this Company.

  30. Beverly & Dana Smiledge says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob was recommended to me by our real estate agent, Susan Crush. The inspection by Bob was a learning experience and a professional one at that! Bob explained to us as he went along using his tool, called Thermal Imaging. We couldn’t be more pleased on how thorough he was during the inspection. He brought things to our attention, explained what he was seeing and said they would be in his final report. As we went through the mobile home together, we had a sincere sense he truly cared about our safety as well. He detected things that we never noticed. Bob also explained the findings would be on his final report. Pictures are clear and the description of the pictures were well written with specific details. Bob’s personality and his knowledge of home inspecting is excellent! We would highly recommend him for any type home inspection. plus he LOVES Dogs !!!

  31. Chris Valley says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob Mcwhirter has done a few home inspections for me. He is a total professional, who is thorough in all facets of his job. He is timely and provides in great detail the results of his inspections. I would recommend Bob to anyone wanting a professional , honest home inspection @ competitive pricing.

    Chris Valley

  32. Thomas & Marsha Deussen says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Very professional and expedient in the service you provided. Thank You!!

  33. Kristine Morrison says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Buying a home is a stressful event. Bob was easy going, knowledgeable, thorough and communicated with us throughout the inspection. He educated us about what issues there are and what may arise with time. The report came back in timely manner and we feel much more confident in proceeding with this process. Bob was wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing home inspection services.

  34. Pat Ciarfella says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Excellent customer service, inspection completed in a timely manner! Buying a new home is a stress in itself. Having another inspection I was thinking it would be another hurdle and would be a nightmare… but was pleasantly surprised. I can say this was the easiest part of my home purchase! Great communication on process and results! Will be recommending to everyone, Thank you so much for your fast, friendly and knowledgeable service!

  35. Patrick Buckley says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob was very thorough and explained each step of the inspection in a way that was both informative and easy to understand. After sending a very detailed written report, he responded to my questions quickly and in depth. The inspection revealed a number of issues that needed attention, and I was able to use that information to shift the advantage in the negotiation to my favor. Not only did the sellers agree to fix everything on the list, they dropped the price. I’m most grateful to Bob for that and would gladly recommend him to any friends and family looking to purchase a home.

  36. Matthew White says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob was very thorough, engaging and detailed in inspecting a condo we’re planning on buying. We had him come during Thanksgiving week and he accommodated our schedule without hesitation. He went above and beyond what we expected in home inspections even for a small place. We also received his report within 12hours that was easy to read and well organized with clear illustrations. We were impressed by the whole process we had with Bob and have already mentioned him to family and friends.

  37. Sierra Landry says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    The FIRST time we called Scenic Home Inspection I spoke to Bob directly, he was so kid and informative. The house we needed inspected was in Twin Mountain NH (a long drive for Bob) he offered to come up the very next day, but I had to call him later and reschedule. He arrived at the home and conducted his inspection, he was very thorough and helpful, explaining everything the whole time. He didn’t miss a thing. I recieved his offical report the next day with all the information and picture we needed. My 2 year old daughter loved him, which wasnt suprising because he was great with her. Unfortunately we backed out of that house due to a very high radon reading.
    We continued our house search to find another, because we were so pleased with his work we called him again. He came up to littleton nh and conducted his second inspection for us, again he was FANTASTIC, picking out everything he was concerned about and things that were not up to code. He made our home buying process so much less stressful. He spoke to us like we were valued customers, gave us honest answers because he was always looking out for our best interest and explained everything in a way we could understand. I highly reccomend him to anyone looking to have an extremely thorough home inspection done at affordable rates with a smile. Bob, is now our go to guy for inspections! We’ve recommend him to all our friends and family.

  38. Nathaniel Bonnier says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob did an excellent job during our home inspection. Not only was he thorough, he was engaging the entire time. Bob would answer all of our questions and provide clear feedback. By the next day we had our full inspection emailed to us that clearly outlined what we had spoken about and was illustrated perfectly with specific pictures and descriptions. We felt great about our inspection and would recommend Bob anyday.

  39. W & D Johnson says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    This was an extremely thorough inspection taking several hours. Bob took time to explain exactly what he was doing at each step and went over every item with us. His written review was complete, including a summary, a detailed description of each item, as well as pictoral documentation. Follow-up questions/concerns were immediately addressed with us. He was a delight to work with and a true professional.

  40. Linda Vassil says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Thank you, Bob, for inspecting the home that we are about to purchase. It was a great experience working with you and we appreciate your knowledge, comments, and suggestions! We are secure in purchasing our home and know exactly what to expect based on your findings and report.

    I especially want to thank you for accommodating our hectic schedule and performing the inspection on a Sunday! We really appreciate your fexibility and willingness to go the extra mile! Linda and Bob

  41. Diana Petschauer, M.Ed, ATP, CEO says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    I highly recommend Bob at Scenic Home Inspections to any home buyer without hesitation! Bob is professional, knowledgeable and communicates quickly and effectively with clients! His costs are much lower but his reports and inspections are MUCH BETTER than others I contacted. I used a previous inspector for another home and Bob’s skills and technology as well as his reports and services were significantly higher quality for a lower price, win-win. I appreciate Bob’s technology used during the inspection as well as for accessing the reports with high quality photos. Bob also emailed and called as follow up to be sure I had all that I needed as I was negotiating with the seller, and he made himself available to go back as needed. Any first-time home buyer will also appreciate Bob’s honesty and thorough report and advise; he works for you, not a real-estate agent looking to sell a house. This work-ethic is hard to come by in this field. Bob and Scenic are above five star quality and service.

  42. Leigh says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob was recommended to me by my real estate agent and I very grateful he was!

    It was a pleasure doing business with Bob. I was met with a professional handshake, a warm smile, and eagerness to get doing his job as he was being paid to do. I couldn’t be more pleased with how thorough he was during the inspection. He brought things to my attention, explained what he was seeing and said they would be in his final report. As we went through the home together I had a sincere sense he truly cared about my safety which was priceless to me.

    True to his word, the final report is extremely well done! Pictures are clear and the description of the pictures were well written with specific details.

    In addition to Bob’s kind personality, his knowledge of home inspecting is excellent! I would highly recommend him for a home inspection.

  43. Jeff Green says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Robert was great explained each step and finding pointed out all the issues clearly and concisely. Report was very quickly delivered via email the same day.

  44. Shawna D'Amour says:
    Overall Rating: 5

    Bob went above and beyond his job! He engaged our young children, who were with us the entire time. They said, “We love Inspector Bob!” Our young daughter arrived to the new home upset about moving. Bob’s engaging personality turned our shy girl into an eager, smiling assistant home inspector for the day!

    Bob listened to our concerns, answered our questions, and took the time to methodically inspect every square inch of the house. The report was done promptly, and the information was easy to read and understand. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bob and Scenic Home Inspection!

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