Plumbing Inspection

Fuel Storage and Distribution Systems and Fuel Shutoffs

Note location of fuel storage devices and shutoff valves.  Note any issues with shutoffs and supply line.  Note any abandoned oil supply fillers that should be removed from the structure.

Normal Operating Controls

Test for on-off functionality and note any defects in plumbing fixtures such as faucets, drains, showers, tubs and toilets.

Hot Water Systems

Not source of energy and size of tank. Inspect for proper wiring if electric. Inspect fuel supply lines and note any defects. Inspect for TPRV and proper extension to within 6” of the floor.

Outside Faucets

If possible, inspect for proper operation and note any defects with fixture.


Note any visual defects with fixtures. Inspect for functionality.

Distribution System

Note type of piping and any defects.  Check visible connections for leaks and any exposure of hot water supply lines that may cause injury if touched.


Note presence of water treatment system. Recommend evaluation and maintenance by water treatment company.

Storage Tanks

Note capacity of hot water heaters and hot water storage tanks.  Note condition of safety devices such as TPRV (Temperature Pressure Relief Valve).

Water Supply

Note source of water supply and type of pipe supplying water.


Note presence of any mini-vents and any roof vent that is not extended at least 18” above the roof.